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Community Food Co-op Board Election

Voting closes at 9:30 pm on March 30, 2019

Democratic control by owners is the bedrock of the cooperative principles. We are member-owned, which means that the Board of Directors are your elected representatives. The Board is charged with maintaining the financial, environmental and community health of the Community Food Co-op. We thank our candidates for offering to volunteer their time and expertise to the Co-op .

Who is eligible for Online Voting :

  • Member-owners who are current in their annual dues payments and senior members who have shopped in the past year are eligible and encouraged to vote.
  • If you joined the Co-op since mid-February or haven't shopped in over a year you might not be on our 2019 online voting list. You can still vote using a paper ballot at either store .

How to Vote Online :

  • Online voting requires your 12-digit member number, which can be found on the back of your Co-op member card or in the election mailing sent to member-owners in early March.
  • Click on voting guide to learn about the Board candidates.
  • Click on vote to log in and cast your ballot .

There are five qualified candidates running for three seats on our nine-member Board. Elected candidates will serve three-year terms.


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